Create the perfect environment for your axolotl!

  • The first step to cycling a tank is to add the sand, hideouts, and plants and fill with clean water conditioned with Seachem Prime water Conditioner.

  • Once filled with water, add the filter and begin running it.

  • Now add Seachem Stability according to the size of the tank and corresponding measurements on the Stability bottle.

  • Congratulations! The tank is now cycling.

  • After 5-7 days of letting the tank cycle, test the water following the directions in the Freshwater Master Test Kit (The tested water will change color indicating the parameters of what you are testing.)

  • The correct parameters for the water in an axolotl tank are:

    • pH= 6.8-7.6 PPM

    • Nitrite= 0.0 PPM

    • Ammonia= 0.0 PPM

    • Nitrate= 5.0-20 PPM

  • If the water tests within these parameters, the cycling process is complete. If the water tests outside of these parameters, more cycling time may be required.

Depending on the area you live in and the water you have access to, cycling processes may be more difficult. If five weeks of cycling have passed and the water continues to test outside of the correct parameters, please contact me for a more personalized water cycling process.

Please remember that until the cycling process is complete and the test results show proper parameters, it is not safe to place an axolotl into the tank.

Once the axolotl is placed in its new home, a 20% water change should be done weekly to prevent the parameters from being thrown out of balance and to keep tank water looking clean. This can be done by removing 20% of the tanks water and replacing with clean water conditioned with Seachem Prime water conditioner.